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Storage container selection tips

When renting a storage container, especially a used one, it’s essential to perform a personal inspection of the unit to make sure you’re not being pulled into a dishonest deal. We’ll guide you through the entire process and point out the areas that require special attention.

Things to watch out for during a storage container checkup

Exterior surface rust

Nearly any used container will have patches of surface rust here and there as a result of long-term exposure to different temperatures and moisture levels, especially if the unit was parked outdoors or shipped over lengthy distances. The amount of rust on the exterior surface of the storage container is inversely proportional to its price, so don’t be shy to bargain. However, trying to save up at the expense of safety is hardly the best option if you really care about your goods. Always go for a container with minimal rust.

Door bottoms rust

One of the most rust-sensitive areas of a storage container is the door bottoms that should be inspected very closely. Since the door bottoms are located nearest to the ground, too much rust in this area may compromise the container’s integrity and eventually lead to undesirable moisture penetration during heavy rains or snowfalls. Make sure the doors bottoms are rust-free before finalizing the purchase.

Door gasket condition

Providing a waterproof seal around the closed container doors, the door gasket is a vitally important feature that guarantees the safety of the goods stored inside. When selecting a storage container, don’t forget to check the door gasket condition. Units with rotted or missing door gaskets are unsuitable for further use.

Wood floor condition


The state of the container interior is just as important as its exterior condition. The first thing that requires your attentive inspection is the wood floor that directly affects not only the leak-tightness of the storage, but also its durability. The floor must be solid, with no soft areas or obvious holes. If the container used to be in shipping service, you may see shallow gouges left in the floor by forklift blades while loading and unloading it. That doesn’t necessarily mean the unit is unusable, but can be leveraged to knock the price down.

Sidewalls and roof penetrations

Finally, don’t forget to check the interior sidewalls and roof for penetrations. Very small holes can be tough to identify with the storage doors open. To find out whether the container interior has any penetrations, simply ask the sales assistant to close the doors and stay inside in full darkness. As creepy as it sounds, you’ll easily see any light seeping from the outside through the pinholes. Hopefully, you’ll find our tips useful while choosing a perfect storage container. On this site, we offer a wide array of supreme storage containers in a great state and at an affordable rental price. To discuss the details, contact our local manager at 888-319-6664 and make an order any second through a convenient online form!

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