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Installing aftermarket doors in a storage container

Standard storage containers come either with a single door at the back end or double swing doors opening the width of the unit for convenient loading. Once the storage is loaded, though, you may find it tough to access the items blocked inside. Installing an aftermarket entry door in your container will provide you with extra room to load large-sized goods and easily access the back of the storage.

Aside from renting the best storage containers in Great Falls, we also offer a wide range of related services, including additional door mounting. Feel like one set of doors isn’t enough for you? Just give us a call and we’ll customize your container with one of the door options described below!

Extra doors in a storage container

 - Industrial personnel door

shipping containers

Made of 16 gauge steel, this solid panel door with honeycomb interior provides a perfect level of security thanks to its sheer thickness and reliable deadbolt lock. Moreover, it features an overhead drip ledge preventing moisture from contacting the door surface, which makes it perfect for containers parked outside. Industrial doors come at a standard width of 3 feet.

 - Residential personnel door

This six-panel wooden door wrapped in a metal enclosure is essentially a lightweight alternative to the previous door type. Just like its heavy duty counterpart, the 3 foot wide residential door features a deadbolt lock as well as an overhead drip ledge and offers the same level of convenience at a much lower price.

 - Standard roll-up door

Basically identical to your garage door, the standard roll-up door is crafted from 26 galvanized steel and is equipped with a sliding locking clasp. At the width of 4 to 15 feet, it allows you to easily load and store bulky items like large furniture, lawnmowers, ATVs and other stuff that doesn’t fit into a standard-sized doorway.

 - Heavy duty roll-up door

We can also customize your storage unit with a spring-loaded heavy duty roll-up door that features double-walled weather-sealed anodized aluminum slats and a lockable rustproof steel lift bar. Available in 4 to 8 foot widths, it offers free access to the goods stored inside the container while also improving the overall look of the unit.

 - Extra double doors

Finally, our technicians will be glad to convert your standard storage unit to a tunnel container with another set of double swing doors at the back to allow for unhindered access to your cargo from both ends. Besides, double doors can be placed somewhere in the sidewall, which also creates a great entry point while loading and unloading your container.

This article describes five most popular aftermarket door options that can be installed in your storage unit. At our company, you can also rent storage containers that already have an additional set of doors like tunnel containers or open-side storages. For more details, contact our manager at 888-319-6664.

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